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Natural Family Planning (NFP)

No! Modern NFP relies on observing your body daily to identify if today is fertile or infertile—-is totally irrelevant how long your cycle will be, or when you are “usually” fertile or infertile. Your Grandma’s (or GREAT Grandma’s) Rhythm Method took a history of past cycles and used that to calculate when you would be fertile currently, and the effectiveness of that did indeed depend on regular cycles. Ironically, many modern apps do use the outdated Rhythm Method, and we do not recommend those. But modern NFP is prospective, observing the signs your body produces daily which inform you if today is fertile or infertile—and does not rely on predictable cycle length.

There are hundreds of phone apps, and they vary greatly in how they work.

Some are simply high tech ways of tracking your periods. You enter in the first day of your period each month, and the app then predicts when you will be fertile in future cycles, based on when you are fertile in previous cycles (your Great Grandma’s Rhythm Method).

With other apps, you do enter in data such as mucus observations, or temperature, and the app then interprets the data and informs you when you are fertile. HOW they do that, is usually undisclosed and proprietary.

Some apps, are simply ways to record your own observations, an electronic chart, if you will. YOU still determine when you are fertile and infertile. Each major modern method of NFP offers this type of electronic charting, for those who prefer it to charting on a physical chart. They do not replace good instruction in NFP, that is personalized to YOUR cycle, and your situation—they are simply a charting tool.

Learning NFP is learning to observe and interpret the signs your body produces, to know if each day is fertile or infertile. There is a lot of information ABOUT NFP, that can be gained by watching videos, or online, on this site and others. A video, or online article, cannot apply the principles to YOUR body, or YOUR relationship, to meet YOUR goals. Your NFP teacher will teach you to establish an observational routine, chart your observations, accurately identify if a day is fertile or infertile, and apply the information with practical guidelines to avoid or achieve pregnancy depending on your current intent. Your NFP teacher is your coach, mentoring and guiding you as you navigate the changes throughout life that will impact your cycles, from the beginning of cycles, through breastfeeding, and into perimenopause. Your NFP teacher is the key to becoming a confident, and competent, NFP user.
Go to FIND an EXPERT on this site, where you can locate the nearest teacher, or search for teachers of your preferred NFP method. You can also find California NFP teachers who offer virtual instruction. Wherever you live, personalized instruction by a certified NFP teacher is available to you.
Go to FIND an EXPERT on this site, filter your search to find physicians who actually do not prescribe contraception or perform IVF. They will listen to your concerns, work with you to evaluate, diagnose, and treat. Their training is in restorative reproductive medicine—such as NaProTechnology—which seeks to restore normal function.
While couples commonly come to us with undiagnosed infertility, it almost always means they were just not properly evaluated. The thorough evaluation done by our experts, with targeted hormonal evaluations that are timed according to the charting, reveal previously undiagnosed problems. The NFP teacher helps you develop an accurate chart of your cycles, and the physician uses this chart to diagnose and treat.

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CANFP members support CANFP for what they GET—-support, education, community—and what they GIVE—investing in CANFP outreach and education so that all may come to know the benefits and joy of living and loving as they were designed to, through NFP. CANFP is a unique organization, supporting those who use, teach, or advocate for NFP, while providing outreach and education to introduce everyone else to the benefits of NFP. Want to learn more about NFP? Join CANFP. Wish more people knew about NFP? Support CANFP with your membership.

You can update your own membership account information from your account dashboard, which you can access using the profile photo button to the top right in the teal bar. Here you can: Update your contact information; Request or discontinue mail delivery of your printed version of the quarterly CANFP NEWS; Manage recurring donations; View your history of Store purchases; View your membership status; Begin, renew or cancel your Membership; Change payment method for your membership; and Professional Members can update their Directory listing.

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Professional Directory Listings

NFP teachers providing services in California are invited to become Professional Members of CANFP, review and agree to the CANFP code of ethics, and create a Professional Profile in our FIND an EXPERT Directory.

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As a member of CANFP, you are able to access our private digital community. Our community is made up of numerous groups, some of which are private and accessible by invite only. You will have the option to participate in forums and private messaging in the groups that you are a member of. Groups are broken up by specialized roles, language, and topics and are determined based on information provided during registration.

If you are a member of CANFP, you automatically have access to our digital community! You can access any groups you are a part of (you are added to parent groups automatically based on a variety of factors, including the role questions you answered during signup), some parent groups also have subgroups within them. While some of these subgroups are private and accessible by invite only, others are open to anyone in the parent group and you can join and subscribe at any time.

You can also click on other group members to access their profiles, allowing you to connect (or “friend”) them or send them private messages.

Each group and subgroup also have their own forums. Within these forums, you can post questions or topics for group members to respond to (please keep discussion points relevant to the group you are posting in). When someone responds to a discussion you posted or chose to subscribe to, you will receive notifications on our website and via email (this can be disabled in your profile settings).

Private messages can be viewed in the Messages tab, this works similarly to Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. NOTE: You must first be connected (friends) with an individual before you can send them a private message. This helps our users control who can reach out to them directly. If you would like someone to stop messaging you, you can disconnect from them and/or block them.

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CANFP conducts varied outreach programs to the community at large, in addition to serving our members (NFP users, teachers, and advocates).

CANFP provides education programs tailored to the audience, not only on Natural Family Planning, but on the wide variety of topics related to it.

Programs can be continuing education for NFP Professionals, introductory information for a lay audience of youth or adults new to the topic, or specifically tailored to the interests of a professional audience, such as educators, physicians, or clergy. Content is faith based or secular, whichever is suitable for situation.

CANFP offers a variety of resources for those just discovering Natural Family Planning, as well as to meet the varied needs of our CANFP Members. Most resources are available to any visitors to our site. Some resources do ask you to register as a site user in order to access them, others are available only to CANFP Members.

CANFP statewide conferences, regional events offered in collaboration with local partners, events featuring CANFP speakers, or exhbit, as well as other events throughout the state of interest to our NFP community.  Come meet one of our experts at one of these events or book a speaker for your own upcoming event.

CANFP depends on the gifts, talents, and generosity of our members and supporters. The success of our mission depends on the collaboration of our members. Please consider contributing your time treasure and talent through CANFP to share the good news of NFP with the world! Both volunteer and contracted positions available.

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