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California Association of Natural Family Planning is your one stop shop for NFP in California. CANFP unites under one umbrella all those who use, teach, and advocate for NFP. Our members are our most valuable resource.

Take the Mystery out of Fertility not the Miracle


Providing expert consultation, and bringing NFP to you through Speakers and Events, as well as Members Only services like our Chat Room and quarterly CANFP NEWS.


Customized education programs for professionals and general public including Clergy/Seminarians, Youth, Healthcare Professionals, Pregnancy Resource Centers, and Office Staff.


Extensive online resources including Videos, Audios, Articles by Experts, Personal NFP Stories, Store, Scientific References, External Links, and 1,000 Expert responses to your questions.

You Asked, Our Experts Responded

Over 1,000 responses by our experts to your questions about your cycle, NFP, Infertility, Miscarriage, Contraception, and Womens Health. If you cannot find the answer to your cocnern after searching our extensive database of responses, members may submit their question. 

CANFP e-NEWS Subscriptions

CANFP keeps you current on events and topics of interest to the California NFP community. Subscribe to our eNews mailings, and you will receive occasional emails with timely topics, interesting articles, and upcoming events. Note: we do NOT share your email, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

What People Are Saying About NFP/CANFP


Monterey region Sept. 2020

“I am forever grateful to you and the NFP process! I don’t believe I ever would have had my three babies without the knowledge you shared with me and guiding me to the correct doctors. Infertility is such a hard situation to deal with and I always feel for others struggling with it. We are happy to continue and support your wonderful organization!”


Oakland region, 11/18/22

I feel very blessed (and proud) to have been part of CANFP. May God continue to bless your commitment and love of this work, and may California lead the way!


Monterey Region, May, 2022

Dear Sheila, I wanted to urge you to keep up the good fight with NFP. I am sure it must feel pretty hopeless sometimes. You have given so many people the opportunity to have the blessing of NFP in their lives. I know it made my life better. I hope you are richly rewarded for your faithfulness. Sincerely,

Archbishop Cordileone

San Francisco Region

Thank you CANFP for your support of life and married love!

Niki and Simon

Outside of California, April, 2022

Please find enclosed a donation for CANFP and the ministry you so faithfully carry out. There is such a need for it from a medical side, spiritual side, and to help bring out a culture of life!


Monterey Region, 2021

Everyone should learn about this, great tool for health care, and marriage strengthening.

Gary Schuberg

Los Angeles region

Being on the Board of CANFP has been rewarding in many ways but most importantly because it has put me up close and personal with so many who have experienced wholeness, healing and, yes, miracles, as a result of the loving work done to help educators, ministers, the engaged and spouses learn and love what God has created in us and for us.


Stockton region, 2022

Thank you for sharing your wisdom and knowledge on NFP! We really appreciate your time and support in helping educate our students about sexual integrity.


via Ask the Expert

Wow, Thank you sooo much for responding back to me and with encouragement. I really appreciate that. Well, I decided to keep my child and you were right on that part no matter what I know I’m the mother and that’s all that matters. This is another little blessing from the lord and I do believe everything happens for a reason. THANK YOU SOO MUCH!! GOD BLESS AND TAKE CARE.

We invite you to join the California NFP Community

By becoming an official CANFP member, you not only gain access to NFP experts, numerous resources, and special events, but also a community of support. Anyone is welcome to join, but those who would benefit the most include:

Latest CANFP Articles

Hundreds of engaging articles by our California experts, as well as experts from across the nation, and the world! Featuring here our favorites exploring NFP and related topics with spiritual, philosophical, medical, intellectual, cultural, scientific,  health, and relational insights.  Browse by author, or subject, or just enjoy starting with these most recent, and keep reading! 

Fall 2023

All New

by Sheila St. John

It would be a stretch to compare the creation of our ALL NEW to being lost in the wilderness

Fall 2023

Finding Our Way

by Fr. Blaise Berg, STD

It was about 11am on Wednesday, August 8th of this year. I heard the unmistakable whirring sounds of the helicopter

Fall 2023

Meet Member Faiza Saroki

by Peggy Stofila

In Faiza’s Chaldean culture, you start your family right after getting married. Faiza’s husband, a man of deep faith, wanted

Fall 2023

Sleep: Time to Heal

by Lynn Keenan, MD

Have you ever wondered why we spend so much time sleeping? I remember my first trip to Ireland, standing outside

Fall 2023

God as Author and Architect of Life

Every summer, the San Francisco seminarians are summoned back to St. Patrick’s in Menlo Park to attend three weeks of

Fall 2023

NFP Questions My Kids Asked (or Should Have)

by Gary Schuberg

Over the 40 years of our marriage, NFP has been a natural(!) part of family conversation, over meals and at

Fall 2023

NFP Challenged Our Relationship

by Mariana Lopez

Our journey with Natural Family Planning (NFP) was far from easy. Carlos, a committed Protestant, and I, raised in a

Summer 2023

Wedding Gift

by Sheila St. John

This special marriage edition of our newsletter reflects the collective marital wisdom and NFP experience of these CANFP Professional Members,

Summer 2023

Destination: Heaven

by Fr. Blaise Berg, STD

As a parish priest, on any given day, one of my favorite appointments is to meet with a newly engaged

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CANFP conducts varied outreach programs to the community at large, in addition to serving our members (NFP users, teachers, and advocates).

CANFP provides education programs tailored to the audience, not only on Natural Family Planning, but on the wide variety of topics related to it.

Programs can be continuing education for NFP Professionals, introductory information for a lay audience of youth or adults new to the topic, or specifically tailored to the interests of a professional audience, such as educators, physicians, or clergy. Content is faith based or secular, whichever is suitable for situation.

CANFP offers a variety of resources for those just discovering Natural Family Planning, as well as to meet the varied needs of our CANFP Members. Most resources are available to any visitors to our site. Some resources do ask you to register as a site user in order to access them, others are available only to CANFP Members.

CANFP statewide conferences, regional events offered in collaboration with local partners, events featuring CANFP speakers, or exhbit, as well as other events throughout the state of interest to our NFP community.  Come meet one of our experts at one of these events or book a speaker for your own upcoming event.

CANFP depends on the gifts, talents, and generosity of our members and supporters. The success of our mission depends on the collaboration of our members. Please consider contributing your time treasure and talent through CANFP to share the good news of NFP with the world! Both volunteer and contracted positions available.