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The most oft repeated response to learning NFP is “Why didn’t anyone ever tell me about this sooner?” Once we learn to understand, observe, appreciate, and integrate the daily signs of our cycle of fertility and infertility, women often feel misled that our education and healthcare to date consisted solely of seeking to disrupt and destroy the normal function of our body. And then being offered only the exact same band aid response, when we report symptoms of dysfunction, like painful periods, disabling PMS, or unusual bleeding.

Discovering NFP, we learn that we can space our children simply by learning to identify which days are fertile, and that when we present with signs of dysfunction or hormonal imbalances, or impaired fertility, or recurrent miscarriage, there are physicians whose philosophy, training and expertise, is to use the valuable health record of the charting of the biological signs, to diagnose the dysfunction and seek to restore and support normal function and optimal health.

Women and couples, and those who serve them, must believe, they deserve no less.  

Why Learn To Chart Our Cycles?

Menstrual cycles are shrouded in mystery. The only phase most women (young women, but also not so young women) are aware of, is the monthly shedding of the lining of the uterus—her period. This phase of the cycle, demands our attention, but it is really just the culmination of a symphony of events leading up to it, each of which produce their own signs. Women who are educated to observe all the changes throughout their cycle, not just their period, benefit in many ways.

All women understand the practical benefits of this! But young women in particular, in the early years of settling into cycles, and older women, who are perimenopausal, are more prone to irregular cycles, often resulting in being surprised by the onset of the menstruation. Charting all the signs of the cycle alerts us to the hormonal sequence that occurs in each cycle, the ovulation phase, and therefore we know when to expect menstruation, which occurs about two weeks after ovulation. Nice to know!

Hormones fluctuate greatly throughout the cycle. We can experience a corresponding fluctuation in mood, energy, concentration, libido, as well as physical symptoms—.our temperature, for example, is actually about half a degree higher in the postovulatory phase of our cycle, then in the preovulatory phase! These insights into our physical and emotional response to hormonal fluctuations empower us to integrate them into our daily lives. Aware of the temporary nature of changes in emotions and energy, for instance, we may even

Women who understand and record the daily changes of their cycle, are less vulnerable to the suggestion that suppressing or manipulating that normal function is necessary, or advisable. We experience these changes in a real, concrete way, and the idea of altering this normal process that has become so real to us, just does not make sense. We become experts in our own body, and so we also identify changes that indicate dysfunction, and the charting we have accumulated is invaluable in accessing authentic health care, to support and restore normalcy.

As we prepare for marriage, we now learn to specifically identify each day as fertile or infertile. Learning to use NFP together, as an expression of our mutual fertility, we share in the responsibility of applying the instructions appropriately to space our children, or achieve pregnancy.
The reality of being unable to achieve pregnancy, or carry a pregnancy to term, is often what plunges us into learning more about our fertility. Unfortunately, sometimes only after years of having our concerns dismissed, or going undiagnosed. Charting our cycles is the foundation for accessing care that evaluates our procreative health, and our response to treatments to enhance normal fertility, which are very effective in seeking to achieve pregnancy, and reducing risk of pregnancy loss.

So what's the first step?

You have already taken the first step, by accessing this website! You deserve what we have to offer! We offer knowledge, services, and support, for women and couples, and those who love, and serve them!

Ready to learn NFP?

Find An Expert in our directory of professionals. Search by region to identify your local resources for in person services. If there are no services listed in your region, search for our professionals who offer virtual instruction or telehealth medical consultation. Our network of professionals are committed to a level of professional excellence that is grounded in respect for the integrity of the woman/couple, and healthy fertility as a normal and healthy state, that is to be preserved and supported.

  • Certified NFP Teachers to teach you one of the modern methods of NFP. You can search by method, if you have a preference, or search by region, or virtual teachers of any method.
  • Physicians listed in our directory are expert in utilizing your charts to diagnose, and provide treatment when needed to enhance optimal health for normal cycles, or to restore fertility.
  • Therapists in our directory offer services for those encountering personal or relational challenges, in the context of respect for the values that are foundational to the embracing the NFP mindset.
  • Clergy listed have a special interest in the pastoral care of marriage and family, and are available for spiritual or moral guidance.

Not ready yet?

Explore the resources on this site, to increase your knowledge and understanding:

  • What is NFP has information on the main modern methods of NFP
  • Ask the Expert is a database of a thousand questions that have been posed to our experts. Likely you will find your questions answered here.
  • NFP Stories is a personal testimony of others, many who were once where you are. They share their struggles and joys, navigating this journey.
  • Articles include medical applications by physicians, philosophical and spiritual perspective by clergy, and hundreds of articles by experts of varied expertise and perspectives.
Still Unsure?

Reach out to one of our experts, from our directory, or at our CANFP office, for personal response to your concerns.

How do you support the women and couples in your community?

Bring this topic to the women you serve! Women and couples deserve access to this information, and you may be the only one in their circle where they will hear this message. Become a member of CANFP, to receive ongoing support and resources to assist you in serving women and couples. Bring in a speaker to unveil the mystery of fertility to the women and couples you serve! This info should be provided routinely to these communities:

  • Church women’s groups, marriage enrichment and marriage preparation programs, parenting or mom’s groups, and formation that serves new parents, such as baptism classes, or adult formation programs such as RCIA
  • Church programs for youth (such as youth groups, and confirmation programs) and young adult or Newman Club programs
  • New Mom’s or parent groups, childbirth classes, breastfeeding support groups
  • School parents
  • Middle and High School student presentation on Fertility Appreciation
  • Pregnancy Resource Centers

Together, let us pledge that no woman will lament “Why didn’t anyone ever tell me about this?

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