We join together through CANFP to support each other, educate ourselves, our families, our colleagues, and those we serve, while working together to bring the good news of NFP to all corners of California! By becoming a CANFP member, you not only gain access to NFP experts, numerous resources, and special events, but also a community of support. Anyone is welcome to join, but those who would benefit the most include:

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  • Makes everything CANFP has done, or will do, possible!
  • Transforms great ideas into reality
  • Means you are part of the solution
  • Connects you with the latest and greatest NFP happenings throughout California, and in your own backyard
  • Broadens your knowledge and appreciation of NFP
    CANFP is supported through membership dues and donations. Every outreach effort, even each word on this page, is dependent upon the financial support of those who believe in our mission.

What does your membership contribute to CANFP?

CANFP is enriched by a membership of varied perspectives and talents. We each have our favorite NFP method, our unique experience and vision, and our role to play in spreading the good news of NFP. Every member of CANFP is vital to our success. Like a symphony, if one of the instruments is absent, the end result is compromised.

What do you bring to the table? Perhaps you bring years of experience teaching NFP, or perhaps you are totally new to all this NFP stuff, and you bring a fresh perspective that will help us craft an effective message. Perhaps you are most excited about the many health benefits of NFP, and its potential for transforming women’s health care. Perhaps your NFP interest is deeply intertwined with your faith, and your understanding of God’s design for love and life.

Maybe you are overflowing with ideas you would like to bring to life through active involvement as a member of CANFP.

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You mean, besides the satisfaction of knowing you are building a culture of life in California? Well, for starters:

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What People Are Saying About NFP/CANFP

Ceclila and Michael

Monterey Region, April 2024

I wanted to share that learning NFP was a lifesaver for our marriage and our family. Without NFP, we would not have our two girls because the medical field failed in its attempts to intervene, where NFP succeeded.  NFP is such a beautiful tool for communication and bonding/self-sacrifice. Truly, thank you for the work you do with our couples. We are blessed with your ministry. Cecilia & Michael


Iowa, December 2023
The ideas you had at the end of your presentation on getting NFP out of the shadows of the parish were great and we hope to do some of them. 

Stacey and David Bunn

Monterey Region

NFP has been a great blessing to our family. The guidance and counsel of Sheila St. John has been instrumental in making it possible for us to bring five beautiful children into the world. We are deeply grateful to God and his servants at NFP.

Liz and George Delgado, MD

San Diego region

We wholeheartedly support the great work of CANFP! CANFP provides vital services in education and advocacy for the advancement of all NFP models that respect God’s natural design for human reproduction. The projects of CANFP are valuable to couples, medical professionals, priests, Protestant pastors, respect life leaders and others.”


Oakland region, 11/18/22

I feel very blessed (and proud) to have been part of CANFP. May God continue to bless your commitment and love of this work, and may California lead the way!

Archbishop Cordileone

San Francisco Region

Thank you CANFP for your support of life and married love!


Monterey Region, May, 2022

I wanted to urge you to keep up the good fight with NFP. I am sure it must feel pretty hopeless sometimes. You have given so many people the opportunity to have the blessing of NFP in their lives. I know it made my life better. I hope you are richly rewarded for your faithfulness. 

Niki and Simon

Mississippi, April 2022

Please find enclosed a donation for CANFP and the ministry you so faithfully carry out. There is such a need for it from a medical side, spiritual side, and to help bring out a culture of life!

High School Teacher

Stockton region, 2022

Thank you for sharing your wisdom and knowledge on NFP! We really appreciate your time and support in helping educate our students about sexual integrity.


Orange Region, 2022

Such great specific info here


Monterey Region, 2021

Everyone should learn about this, great tool for health care, and marriage strengthening.


Monterey Region Sept. 2020

“Thanks for all your good work.”

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CANFP conducts varied outreach programs to the community at large, in addition to serving our members (NFP users, teachers, and advocates).

CANFP provides education programs tailored to the audience, not only on Natural Family Planning, but on the wide variety of topics related to it.

Programs can be continuing education for NFP Professionals, introductory information for a lay audience of youth or adults new to the topic, or specifically tailored to the interests of a professional audience, such as educators, physicians, or clergy. Content is faith based or secular, whichever is suitable for situation.

CANFP offers a variety of resources for those just discovering Natural Family Planning, as well as to meet the varied needs of our CANFP Members. Most resources are available to any visitors to our site. Some resources do ask you to register as a site user in order to access them, others are available only to CANFP Members.

CANFP statewide conferences, regional events offered in collaboration with local partners, events featuring CANFP speakers, or exhbit, as well as other events throughout the state of interest to our NFP community.  Come meet one of our experts at one of these events or book a speaker for your own upcoming event.

CANFP depends on the gifts, talents, and generosity of our members and supporters. The success of our mission depends on the collaboration of our members. Please consider contributing your time treasure and talent through CANFP to share the good news of NFP with the world! Both volunteer and contracted positions available.

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