Bleeding Half the Month

Dear Doctor, For the past few years, I’ve had spotting (dark brown blood) that starts a few days after ovulation and continues until I start…

Consult Doctor Immediately

I just had a baby May 24th. I went for my six week check up on July 5th. That morning, I started to bleed (light).…

Is This Pre-Menopause?

I am 43 and have five healthy children, my youngest is three years old. I have used the Billings Method through all my marriage and…

Odor Following IUD Placement

I have recently had an IUD placed in no more than a week ago. Now I have a fishy odor present. What could this possibly…

What is Going On With My Body?

I am 36 years old. I weigh 125 and am about 5’7. In the last couple months my body has gone through some strange changes.…

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CANFP conducts varied outreach programs to the community at large, in addition to serving our members (NFP users, teachers, and advocates).

CANFP provides education programs tailored to the audience, not only on Natural Family Planning, but on the wide variety of topics related to it.

Programs can be continuing education for NFP Professionals, introductory information for a lay audience of youth or adults new to the topic, or specifically tailored to the interests of a professional audience, such as educators, physicians, or clergy. Content is faith based or secular, whichever is suitable for situation.

CANFP offers a variety of resources for those just discovering Natural Family Planning, as well as to meet the varied needs of our CANFP Members. Most resources are available to any visitors to our site. Some resources do ask you to register as a site user in order to access them, others are available only to CANFP Members.

CANFP statewide conferences, regional events offered in collaboration with local partners, events featuring CANFP speakers, or exhbit, as well as other events throughout the state of interest to our NFP community.  Come meet one of our experts at one of these events or book a speaker for your own upcoming event.

CANFP depends on the gifts, talents, and generosity of our members and supporters. The success of our mission depends on the collaboration of our members. Please consider contributing your time treasure and talent through CANFP to share the good news of NFP with the world! Both volunteer and contracted positions available.

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