Birth Control and Clomid Plan Not Working


Hi, I am 27 and trying for a baby. I came off the birth control pill in April after being on the pill for approx 10 years. Since that time I have not really had a “proper” period – either a very light flow or only brown mucus – sometimes both in the same cycle.
I had my blood taken each month for six months to test for ovulation (Jun – Dec), this was not occurring so my GP referred me to a gynaecologist – his solution was to put me back on birth control pill for three months to regulate my cycle and then to take clomid on day two of my withdrawal bleed after third pill pack. I tried this (unwillingly taking BCP – which I think I metabolized slowly??) and had a scan on day 12 which showed I was ovulating, but unfortunately nothing happened that month. Then I waited for my next period, it arrived four weeks later – but was brown mucus, took clomid on day two and by day tem my period had continued and become heavy – which meant my lining had shed even though the clomid had made me ovulate (I feel that I wasted one month’s dose of clomid by having an unexpected period).

I was a bit stressed, went back to GP who told me to go back on the BCP for a month and then try clomid again. I decided I didn’t want to try his option and instead tried to relax, took agnus castus and waited for my period to come naturally so that I could take clomid again. Brown mucus came again four weeks ago (exactly the date I would have had a withdrawal bleed from the BCP if I had continued to take them in sequence), I didn’t take clomid, waiting for a heavier, real period – this did not come.

Today again I started with brown mucus, it’s as if my body still thinks I should be having a withdrawal bleed?? I’m really confused and don’t know what to do, don’t feel like going back to GP as I felt stupid and as though my opinion and body didn’t matter last time. What should I do? Is there anything I can do to improve our chances of conceiving? I live in the UK.




I am sorry to hear that you are having problems trying to conceive. Irregular cycles that you describe are not all that uncommon post pill, especially for someone who has been on the pill for so many years. Normally, it can take a woman up to six months for her system to recover from the effects of the BCP. During that six months it is not uncommon to be anovulatory (not ovulate), have unusual bleeding and irregular cycles. Even though you stopped the pill in April, you went back on it, which would have thrown your system off again. My first advice – stay off the pill!!

Your doctor’s approach – BCP and Clomid – is a very common approach for someone with irregular cycles trying to conceive. The problem is that this treatment attempts to help with the symptoms you are experiencing (unusual bleeding and irregular cycles) rather than finding the underlying problem. Remember that a woman’s cycle is determined by her hormones, so, if your hormones are unbalanced, your cycles will reflect that.

Maybe, instead of testing for ovulation, your doctor can test your hormone levels and determine if that is where the problem exists. With the use of NaProTechnology, a medical consultant can perform targeted hormone testing that can help to determine what your body needs. I would recommend finding an NFP provider who can help you start charting your cycles. Charting your cycles will help you to learn to understand your body and your cycle. I would also strongly recommend finding a NaPro medical consultant.

For doctors and NFP instructors in the U.K. visit

I hope this helps and Good Luck!!

Briana Schalow

Answered By:

Briana Schalow

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