Is One Testicle…Enough?


I am hoping that you will answer this question for me. I am a mom to six kids, five from a previous marriage and one with current husband. My current hubby had a bleeding tumor in his right testicle about 18 months ago. He had to have the testicle removed. We were told by the specialist that we could still have children because the remaining testicle would make up for the missing one.
We have been trying to get pregnant again for about six months, and have been unsuccessful. I usually get pregnant very easily. We have a beautiful little girl together, but are desperate to have a little boy. Our ages are 41 and he is going to be 40 in April (in case this matters).

I should say that last January we became pregnant, not even trying, and miscarried.

My question: Is it still possible for us to have a second child together even though he only has one testicle? I know our ages, or at least mine, isn’t 100% on our side, but this is why we are eager to conceive soon.

Thanks for your time and consideration.



Last Updated: November 24, 2021
41 year-old Tina and her 40 year-old husband are trying to get pregnant with their second child, but in the meantime he required surgical removal of one testis for an acute but noncancerous problem. Will this affect his sperm count?

In all likelihood his sperm count will be about the same because the body does indeed adjust to the absence of the other testis. However, major stress (such as a surgery) may create some prostatitis (prostatic inflammation) which could interfere with the ability of the sperm to perform properly. Ideally he would see his local urologist for a prostate and prostatic expressate exam to rule this in or out. Treatment is pretty simple and I refer you to my previously made comments regarding the treatment of prostatitis:

Whether or not prostatitis is present there are two drugs available that may help improve the quanitity and quality of the sperm. The first is the only known nutritional aid to be of use and it is available without a prescription online ( The other, clomiphene, is a powerful hormonal agent that may be used in men as well as women but needs to be prescribed and results monitored by your local urologist.

Gregory Polito, MD

Answered By:

Gregory Polito, MD
Gregory Polito,MD, KM, Past President of CANFP, retired from a urologic practice, with a sub-specialty in vasectomy reversal

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