Generic Birth Control Risks


Hello, I have just had to switch to a generic birth control. I was taking Triphasial but now my insurance will only pay for generic for that, which is Tri-Leven. I was told that the pills have the same percentage. I was wondering what the risk of pregnancy would be to switch to a generic. And would this have an effect on my body, like breasts feeling sore?


Last Updated: June 9, 2013
This sounds like, “are generic cigarettes more harmful than brand name cigarettes?” Tobacco and contraceptives are homegrown industries. While harmful imported products are subjected to scrutiny, tobacco dangers were ignored for decades. Contraceptives are known to be harmful, yet only lip service is paid to the risks. A physician colleague has told me that many contraceptive researchers fear they would lose their jobs if there were brutally honest.

It is not widely appreciated that oral contraceptive pills are abortifacient. Studies show that escape ovulation occurs in 5-15% of cycles. In those cycles, eggs may be fertilized resulting in human embryos. The embryos face a hostile environment when they try to implant in the womb. If implantation fails, they are lost at the next menses.

A recent book by John Wilks, a pharmacist, reveals many hidden or minimized dangers of oral contraceptives (available at American Life League, 540-659-4171). After four years of prescribing contraceptives, I thought I knew a lot about their risks. I was shocked when I read Wilks’ book (well over too referenced).

The pill causes cervical cancer not just by promoting multiple sex “partners” but also by enhancing the growth of precancerous cervical dysplasia. The pill promotes infection by HPV (Human Papilloma virus), the virus which is thought to cause most cervical cancer. There may be hormone responsive elements in the portion of viral DNA, which is responsible for viral replication.

The risk of breast cancer due to the pill has long been minimized. A book released by Dr. Chris Kahlenborn, Breast Cancer: It’s Link With Abortion and the Birth Control Pill, contains eye-opening information of the pill and breast cancer. (Webmaster’s Note: To order the book visit the CANFP Store)

The risk of blood clots has not been eliminated by the new progestogin-dominated pills, as many hoped.

The risk of birth defects has long been minimized for babies conceived while the mother takes the pill. But it has long been known that the birth control pill causes deficiencies of numerous vitamins including folic acid. There is data linking OCPs with major structural malformations, not just masculinization of female fetuses. The pill may also affect fertility.

So these contraceptives are physically harmful. But many think they cause violations of chastity, damage the marriage relationship and promote divorce. These effects could be worse than the physical effects.

Paddy Jim Baggot, MD, CNFPMC

Answered By:

Paddy Jim Baggot, MD
Paddy Jim Baggot, MD, practices in the Los Angeles region

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