Panic About Fertility

I’m having a complete panic about my fertility. I’m 30 years old and stopped taking the pill a few months ago after being on it…

Return of Fertility After Depo

Hi. This is Nikki and I was wondering. I have been on the shot for about three and a half years and last August was…

Recovering from IUD

I have had the mirena for the last three years. During this time, I was lucky to not have a period after a year of…

How to Know When Fertile Time Is

Thank you so much for responding to my previous question. I actually started my AF on 11/11, so I am not pregnant. It has now…

Does Clomid cause spotting?

I am trying to conceive. My periods have been very irregular, after stopping Depo Provera about two years ago. I got my  period 816 -820…

No period since discontinuing the pill

Dear Dr. Expert,I am 22 years old and I have recently discontinued taking the contraceptive pill Marvelon. Prior to taking Marvelon I had been taking…

Coming off the pill

I’m 33 and I just got off the pill this month after 10+ years because my husband and I have decided to start a family.…

Pregnancy with IUD

I am 24 weeks pregnant with an IUD in place. My doctor was unable to remove it, as it is embedded in the top of…

Conceiving After Removing IUD

I am a 26 year old female with 2 children and currently use the IUD as my method of birth control. I am planning to…

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